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Did you know that three out of four women wear the wrong bra?
Chances are you’re one of them!

Take this quick quiz to find out if your bra is the right size and shape for you

  · Do you spill over the top of your cups, so you have that "double busted" look?
  · Does the back of your bra ride up and sit between your shoulder blades?
  · Do you have too much bounce?
  · Are your bra underwires rubbing or pinching?
  · Do your bra straps slip off your shoulder?
  · Do you feel “uncomfortable all over” in your bra?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are wearing a bra that is the wrong size or shape for you (or it’s just worn out – time for new bras!)

To get the complete comfort and support you deserve, come into Lin & Barrett for a fitting from our experts. Trust Lin & Barrett for a perfect comfort fit and feel like a new woman.

What is involved in a bra fitting?

Simply tell us the sort of a bra you would like, and we will make suggestions based on your comments.

You will have privacy while you change and once ready we will check the fit, specifically:
How your bust sits in the cup, where underwires are positioned and how the shoulder and back straps sit. We may adjust the straps for your comfort.

Most importantly we make sure that you are happy with the bra, and how it looks and feels.

Every bra you purchase must be properly fitted.

Your size may vary between styles and brands, meaning you need to be fitted each time you buy a bra. An experienced Lin & Barrett fitter will advise you on the best shape and size for your figure type and lifestyle.

Lin & Barrett has experienced and caring fitters who understand that look and style are as important as fit and comfort. Whether you are a slim build or fuller figured, we have an extensive range of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

As well as sleepwear, hosiery, and swimwear, we have a range of coordinates such as briefs, g-strings, camisoles and control wear to choose from.

Visit us and let us know how we can help you.