Our Fitting Advice

Lin & Barrett is passionate about finding a perfect fit for every one of our clients.

Let’s talk about your bra…

We see this as a matching service: we match your size and your shape to bras to suit your lifestyle, your wardrobe and your personal style.

A perfectly fitting bra shouldn’t cause you any discomfort. It’s fine to feel that you are wearing a bra, but not fine if it’s causing you aggravation, or pain.

Are my bras right for me ?

Here are some quick tips to help work this out :

“Do I spill out of the cups ?”

Looks like you’re in the wrong size, and maybe the shape of the bra is wrong for you too.

You might also be experiencing under-bust chafing and discomfort, as well as the embarrassment of bouncing breasts.

- Try bending over to touch your toes. When you stand up, do you have to shake your breast tissue back into your bra, because it fell out when you bent over, and didn’t fall back in?

- Look at yourself sideways in the mirror: Is your bra dragging you down and cutting into your breast tissue at the top of the cup? Do you have a “double busted” look?

“Does the back of my bra ride up ?”

Then you could be heading for back pain, neck pain, and permanent breast sag. You need the back of the bra to fit properly to ensure the best uplift & support.

Have you heard that the weight of a smaller D cup (e.g: size 10D) is around 6 kilos, and a D cup on a larger frame could weight around 10 kilos? That places a lot of pressure on back and neck, and you need a great bra to take the weight!
Sorry, this sounds grim, but it is true.

- If you are constantly adjusting your back straps to try to find a comfortable and supportive position, you are either in the wrong bra, or a bra that is worn out- or both.

- The back of the bra is an anchor point and therefore critical to lift and support, and comfort.

“Do I constantly pull at and reposition my shoulder straps ?”

There are a number of reasons this might happen. Perhaps your bra is the wrong shape for you, and the strap position doesn’t suit your shape, or the shoulder straps aren’t properly adjusted.

Either way, you aren’t experiencing the best support and certainly aren’t getting maximum comfort.

Think about the bra you’re wearing now: are your shoulders hunched, because if you relax them, your bra strap will slip off?
Is the current position of your bra straps comfortable or do you constantly re-adjust their position?

Shoulder straps are vital to lift and support.

“Does the underwire drive me mad with rubbing or pinching ?”

This is you ? Well, waste no time, let's welcome you for a fitting and introduce you to a world of comfort! We can fix!

The tell- tale signs are often deep, aggravated red marks where the underwire sits- especially on the sides of your breast.

If you are experiencing itching under your breast, it could be caused by a badly fitting bra, where the cup isn’t the right size &/or shape to suit you.

Every woman is different and every woman is the same.

This might surprise you: a majority of clients, on their first visit for a bra fitting will announce:

“I don’t think they make bras for me, I am never comfortable in my bras, and I have tried so many!”

Here’s the good news:

Rarely does a new customer walk out of our store, having had her first proper fitting at Lin & Barrett, without feeling like a new woman.

We all want the same outcome from our bra fitting: it’s all about form and function. However, we all have a different definition of our need, and our needs are driven by our lifestyle, our wardrobe, and our aesthetic preferences.

We understand.


Lin & Barrett have experienced bra fitters in every store, every day. You don’t have to make an appointment, but if you’d prefer to, let us know.